Graduated from the College of Applied Arts with a major in fashion design, Marc Ming Chan is at present located in Paris for more proximity to Shenglibo clients.

Thanks to his artistic and creative talent, he practiced various fields from Art, to graphic design, to fashion and to design

As a painter, Marc Ming Chan has already had his numerous works (oil paintings, ink painting, black lead, sculptures) exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam and New York.

Marc Ming Chan has practiced his talents as graphic designer for major fashion brands: Jean Paul GAULTIER, Marithé and François GIRBAUD.

Among others, his missions were to transpose Jean Paul Gaultier image on major brands of consumption goods.

At Shenglibo, Marc Ming Chan developed and personalized wide products and range of products: pottery, crop and pond protection netting, mats and others...
His design work aims at

  • creating personalized logo, graphic charter, marking, stickers and packagings
  • creating designs and patterns based on a work on colors, materials and shapes.Shenglibo ensures the sales exclusivity on these.

All designs and patterns are registered under Shenglibo property and protected.
To have access to pictures of Marc Ming Chan works at Shenglibo, please go to the Client access.