ISD values


ISD cares about environmental issues. ISD provides as often as possible natural material including certified wood, bamboo...
Packaging is designed to minimize waste when unpacking.
ISD business approach complies with sustainable development.


ISD respects the social and labour law in force in the countries where the goods are produced and complies with it.
Child labour and working conditions of men and women are part of ISD concern. If factories are not in compliance with these basic statements, ISD cannot accept them as a supplier.


ISD do make all ISD items in compliance with European Standards in collaboration with Pourquery and SGS Laboratories.
All necessary information is forwarded to the factory to make items in compliance with European Standards. Items are made in compliance with standards in collaboration with the laboratories and with the factories.
All productions are checked by ISD team. A quantitative and qualitative inspection report is issued before each shipment.