Shenglibo is a new and growing import/export trading company founded in June 2010. Shenglibo as Chinese company offers a specialized sourcing company with international management fitting its clients needs and requirements.

Shenglibo provides a specialized sourcing fitting its customer's needs and requirements over Asia area.

Shenglibo is closed to its clients and suppliers.

Shenglibo team is composed of import/export professionals. The average age of the team is 29 years old. The team main characteristics and qualities are the open-mindedness, the cultural mix between Asian and European cultures, the professional flexibility, the adaptability, the reactivity and the permanent challenge.

Shenglibo office is located in Guangzhou, in the fast growing Guangdong Province.

Shenglibo team collaborates daily with factories. Shenglibo team is trained to insure by themselves quality control. Each order placed is controlled or revised before closing container. All products are in conformity with Europeen norms.